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Prices – Time & Sales

Time & Sales shows the individual trade done in chronological order with a time stamp for each transaction. The latest transaction is shown first. It also keeps a cumulative volume for the entire trading day.

The Time & Sales is useful to track the price movement of a stock. Transactions with substantial volume are highlighted to show institutional activities that may affect the future price trend of the stock. Stocks with continued transactions in the Time and Sales and substantial buy-up volume may indicate further upside for the stock.

Some unique features of Time & Sales:

  • Data is Live and available immediately. Refresh the page to see the latest trades
  • Up to 10 days of data for all counters.
  • Trades are classified into "Buy Up" or "Sell Down", using a proprietary algorithm developed by ShareInvestor. This algorithm can also differentiate between "Married Deals" and "Preopen/Preclose" trades.
  • For quick analysis, trades are colour-coded to identify trades done at a different price from the previous trade. If the transactional value of the trade is more than $150,000, the entire row is highlighted. This allows you to quickly spot big trades.

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Prices – Trading Statistics

We calculate useful trading statistics like the Weighted Average Price and the Average Trade Size for all the traded counters.