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Short-cut Keys

Short-cut Keys
Keys Description
Ctrl + Ins Add new item to Watchlist or Alert
Ctrl + Del Delete item from Watchlist or Alert
Ctrl + Shift + E Edit item in Watchlist or Alert
Ctrl + Shift + M Minimize all pop-up windows
Ctrl + Shift + P Open Price Spread Calculator
Ctrl + Shift + R Restores all pop-up windows
Ctrl + F Find counter(s) in the current active channel
Ctrl + 1 Open/Close Channel Navigator
Ctrl + 2 Open/Close News Frame
Ctrl + 3 Open/Close Stock Frame
Alt + 1 Default column layout
Alt + 2 Second column layout
Alt + 3 Third column layout
Ctrl + Tab Switch between Channel Frames in Main Frame
Ctrl + F4 Close current Channel Frame in Main Frame
Ctrl + F5 Open Time & Sales [10 Days]
Ctrl + F6 Open Trade Summary Matrix [10 Days]
Ctrl + F7 Open Dynamic TA Chart (Version 2) (Optional)
Ctrl + F8 Open Volume Distribution Charts [10 Days]
Ctrl + F9 Open Quote Movements [10 Days] (Optional)
Ctrl + F11 Minimize station to system tray
F5 Open Time & Sales
F6 Open Trade Summary Matrix
F7 Open Intraday Charts
F8 Open Volume Distribution Charts
F9 Open Quote Movements (Optional)
F10 Open Market Depth (Optional)
F11 Toggle between Full Screen and Normal Screen
F12 Clear Trend Column
Ctrl + Right Click Perform multiple operations to selected counters
Alt + F4 Close ShareInvestor Station