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Main Frame

Frames Description - Main Frame

The Main Frame displayed the various stocks/Indices/Alerts/Watchlists with their share prices, buy & sell information, percentage changes, Trend, remarks, etc.

The Main Frame allows you to view up to 5 different channels. Selecting a 6th channel will cause the first open channel to be closed.

Each channel can show up to 40 counters. (Except for Watchlist and Alerts)

Trend View Video tutorial

Frames Description - Trend

The trend column, gives the user an overview of the performance of a counter over the last 12 trades. Each colored bar in the trend indicates that a trade has occurred.

  • Green - Indicates an increase in the last done price.
  • Yellow - Indicates that there has been no change in the last done price.
  • Red - Indicates a drop in the last done price.


SG Stocks

Singapore Stocks Remarks
Remark Description Remark Description
Susp Suspended IMM Immediate Delivery
PL Pending Listing PA Pending Announcement
DL Delisted CT Conditional Trading
CW Conditional When Issue WI When Issue
BI BuyIn Only J Adjust
H Trading Halt CD Cum Dividend
XD Ex Dividend CB Cum Bonus
XB Ex Bonus CR Cum Rights
XR Ex Rights CO Cum Offer
XO Ex Offer CE Cum Entitlement
XE Ex Entitlement CI Cum Interest
XI Ex Interest CA Cum All
XA Ex All SC Scripless Conversion
CIRB Circuit Breaker Triggered CIRH Halt due to Circuit Breaker Triggered

MY Stocks

Malaysia Stocks Remarks
Remark Description Remark Description
I Order entry forbidden A Order entry authorized
G Frozen S Suspended
R Reserved s Short selling available
[x] Exclude dividend [c] Cum dividend
Space instrument open or not provided